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Kira Echols


Tattoo Artist

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Hi, my name is Kira! I’m 22 and just moved in from Denver, CO! Throughout the roughly 6 years I’ve spent in the tattoo industry, I’ve been blessed to travel around the US and work with artists of all different kinds. This has really shaped me into who I am now, and has given me an appreciation for all art styles and forms. If I had to choose favorites for tattooing, it would be black-and-grey illustrative realism, as well as the more “cartoon-ish” things like neo-traditional and anime inspired pieces.

In my free time I paint and draw of course, but I also enjoy reading or playing instruments. I’m currently going to college for business and science, and hope to use that knowledge to help me be an even better person to work with on such important artwork. I’m very grateful for the people who happen to find their way into my chair, and I look forward to meeting all the kind and colorful people here in Rapid City. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!


Kira’s Work: