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Skull and Crucifix Pendant by Matt Thrash


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We have a lot of beads at the house. A…LOT….OF…BEADS! We pick them up when we see them, quality ones mostly. Old glass, authentic stones and metal. If they’re costume, they have to be super cool or vintage. I remember buying a group of exquisitely carved skull beads from a vendor at Fare Thee Well, Grateful Dead 50th reunion shows in Chicago. This crucifix I bought as one of a pair in an antique shop in San Francisco. I know why I’m interested in skulls, they remind me we’re only here a short time, but was somehow weirdly attracted to the crucifixes and picked them up on sight. It’s not just a cross, but complete with Jesus literally nailed to it. This must really up level the protection qualities! I joined one skull bead to the cross arranged like a rosary and used little skull and roses beads to pull it all together. Hangs pretty low on a neckline. Thanks for checking it out, Matt Thrash