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Fairburn Agate Pendant by Matt Thrash


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Anyone who knows me knows I’m a rock hound to the core. I like them all, but it’s the best to get out hiking and see what’s laying round for yourself. Some of my favorites are the South Dakota state gemstone, the fabled Fairburn agate. These are hard to find and I can easily go days hunting without finding one, much less a good one with bright color and no fractures. It’s not everyday I feel like cutting one and making jewelry, but sometimes I do just so I can wear a piece of one and behold the beauty all day.

It was my love of Fairburns and their patterns that originally took me down the lapidary path, so I could sculpt and reveal more of the pattern myself. From there, it was natural to seek to learn silversmithing so I could realized my mental designs for a wearable piece of jewelry. I’ve had a lot of help and influences along the way! Now, several years later, I’m able to take a stone from field to wearable jewelry.

This particular piece has an attractive wrap around pattern and I felt it just needed a silver cage and bail. Not all my jewelry designs are Fairburn agate centered, but I’m pleased to offer one like this from time to time. Thanks for looking, Matt Thrash