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TWENTY-ONE YEARS in the tattoo business has certainly taught us a few things! We look forward to continuing to create awesome body art for you, as well as hand-made tie-dye, medallic art, and jewelry by Matt Thrash.

3223 West Main Street, Rapid City, SD. Come see us! Call ahead 605-343-6372.

OUR STUDIO is focusing on YOU at this time. We appreciate just you showing up for your appointment, so we can focus our attention on YOU. If you're traveling a distance and need some ideas about what your family and friends can do while you're with us for your appointment, check out: https://www.visitrapidcity.com/things-to-do..

BODY PIERCING is offered at our friend shop www.surlygoattattoo.com or call (605) 510-7244.

MASKS AND THE GENERAL CRUD. If you're not feeling well, please don't come to your appointment. We will honor your health by doing the same. Masks may or may not be requested while you're in the shop (depending on the latest situation of Covid and the General Crud that floats around.)

THANK YOU for visiting! Be Well! -Matt & Cat Thrash

Big News!

After nearly 15 years, we have decided to discontinue Wild Idea Tattoo & Piercing. It has fulfilled its mission! BUT DON'T PANIC! KEEP READING! This is a very intentional and thorough decision, in the works for 3 or 4 years. ALL GOOD!

We LOVE that our long-time employee, friend, and tattoo artist Jamie Grav has launched his own business, Surly Goat Tattoo & Piercing, and plans to stay in the same location! Jamie is putting on another hat = business owner.

You can find Jamie and crew at www.surlygoattattoo.com or call (605) 510-7244.

Matt & Cathy Thrash

Our most sincere gratitude to all of YOU: our clients, colleagues, employees, family, friends and advisors over the years that made our second shop a really incredible trip!! We've seen so much - graduations, weddings, baptisms, funerals. Barf and break-ins. Corona Hail and a pandemic! There were A LOT of tattoos and piercings created in this space... and MORE TO COME! We have seen a lot and are better for it. We wouldn't change a thing. We are proud AND humbled at the same time. Thank you ALL for being a part of it!

We wish Jamie, Pam, Nicole and their families the best of luck!

Thrash's Tattoo

Aug. 26, 2022

Our Crew

Matt Thrash

Owner / Tattoo Artist

Cat Thrash

Owner / Shop Mom

Mallory Painter

Tattoo Artist

Bridget Hermanson

Receptionist / All-around-awesome Assistant

Robin Thrash

Daughter / Part-time assistant / Apprentice

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