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We are here! Twenty years in business and some crazy Covid conditions have brought us clarity and we have learned a few things. HERE'S HOW IT AFFECTS YOU:

-CLIENTS AND ARTISTS ARE HAPPIER and more focused when in a one-on-one situation. This means no friends, spouses, pets, etc. will be joining you during the tattoo or piercing. Here are some suggestions for your friends/spouses/pets to do while you're getting your body art: https://www.visitrapidcity.com/things-to-do.

-PIERCING IS OFFERED at our sister shop Wild Idea Tattoo & Piercing. Click here for an appointment with Miss Pam: www.wildideatattoo.com or call (605) 716-4332.

-At this time, masks are not required in the lobby, but are required during your close encounter with your tattoo artist or piercer. We reserve the right to fluctuate this policy at any time, based on the latest conditions of health. Please take care of yourself!

We are asking for patience and flexibility as much as humanely possible. There is just a lot of sh** going on, as you well know.

If you are having a really bad day, we will not join you in that. You may be invited to leave and return when you feel better.


-Matt & Cat Thrash

About Us

Welcome to Thrash’s Tattoo!

2001 was a landmark year: we opened our first tattoo shop, starting small in a strip mall in the spring, and we were married that fall.  In 2004, we moved to our current West Main location.  Then in 2008, we built Wild Idea Tattoo on Knollwood Drive.  Throw in a couple kids and dogs and soon enough,  you’ve been at it for 20 years!

We’ve seen many trends and fads over the years in the world of tattoo and body piercing.   But one thing stays the same: people want quality work from quality artists.  And that’s what we have right here – the best crew providing the best work.  Talented and fun, hard-working and dedicated.  We love our Tattoo Family! (Read more about each of us on the Our Artists page and view our work.)

Now that we are in the Covid-19 experience, we are seating people for private sessions, by appointment only. There are many benefits to this, we are finding: a focused, quiet, quality session with your artist or piercer. We are wearing masks, ask that you do too, and have increased our already-stringent sanitation practices. Please click on the “Request an Appointment or Quote” button above to submit your info for quality body art or piercing. We appreciate our clients and staff more than ever!

Come enjoy the beautiful Black Hills, and we look forward to seeing you soon! THANKS for choosing us for your body art!

-Matt & Cathy Thrash

Our Artists

Matt Thrash

Owner / Tattoo Artist

Cat Thrash

Owner / Shop Mom

Mallory Painter

Tattoo Artist

Kira Echols

Tattoo Artist

Bridget Hermanson

Receptionist / All-around-awesome Assistant

Robin Thrash

Daughter / Part-time assistant / Apprentice

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