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Large size “Face Melter” tie dye T-shirt by Matt Thrash


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A wonderful display of tie dye explosion on the leading front of this shirt. Purples, magenta, golden olive radiate. An almost reptilian backbone cascading down the spine, ridiculous color waterfall. Up for grabs!

T-shirt brand is Alstyle  and 100% cotton with tear away tag. Hand rinsed and then machined one time to purge excess dye from garment and to show accurate expectation of color through future washings. Tumble dried warm to complete any shrinking. With any tie dye you’re buying color. Our photos strive to represent the true colors of the dyes as accurately as possible. We don’t digitally enhance photo colors. Photo of actual garment in hand and ready to ship. Thanks for looking, Matt Thrash

Care: machine wash cold-low spin, tumble or line dry. Don’t wash with whites, silly!